Imagine your bedroom as the most luxurious facet of your entire home. A feeling of grandeur or simplicity; with a picture-perfect bedspread draped over a radiant bed frame, encompassed with just the right amount of large, comfy pillows resting flawlessly in their place. Get the picture?

Bedding, along with Window Treatments, are the crown jewels of a room. We custom design all bedding (bedspreads, pillows and throws) by selecting fabrics and trims that fuse with the colors, styles and textures you most adore. We also shop and purchase high-end linens and just about everything else that goes on a bed.

Your master bedroom suite, especially, should be your private retreat that reflects who you are. Children’s rooms ought to reflect who they are. Guest rooms are supposed to be warm and inviting (or cold and uninviting whatever the case may be).

Which of your rooms could use our finishing touch?


Custom Designed Bedding
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