Selecting and placing the right lamps for your room will compliment the space adding ambience and focus. A misplaced fixture will, well… leave you in the dark.

With such a variety of light fixtures on the market today selection is critical. That’s where we help. We select fixtures and lamps that look great and work well in your space.

Well thought out placement of your lighting eases eye strain plus allows you to offer many focal points in one space. Your living room may need fixtures for general lighting, a reading area, plus focus on a favorite art piece. In a kitchen you may need puck lights, under cabinet lights, pendant or recessed lighting, or toe-kick area lighting. In your bedroom you may have a need for a dramatic sconce or wall lamp. A well placed floor lamp in a seating area would throw plenty of light for all your needs.

Let us shed some light for you.


Functional and Accent Lighting Gallery